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ATS Diesel Performance

ATS Aurora 5000 Turbo

The ATS Aurora 5000 Turbo Charger Kit is a perfect choice for power levels that support 800 Rear Wheel HP. If you are thinking about, or have already added a power module to your truck this is the perfect Turbo Kit to control the extreme exhaust temperatures that the additional fuel causes. The ATS Aurora 5000 Turbo Charger provides quick response with fantastic midrange torque and a nice top end power level. Matching a Turbo Charger can be difficult; the ATS Aurora 5000 makes the choice very easy due to its wide compressor map. If you are looking for a turbo charger that will keep up with increased amounts of fuel you don't have to look any farther, the Aurora 3000 turbine section reduces back pressure and has a huge compressor housing providing massive air volume.
Aurora turbo systems Aurora 5000
Inducer 2.8 71.41
Exducer 3.94 100.14
Inducer 3.00 76.31
Exducer 2.76 70.15
turbo comparision chart
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ATS Aurora 5000 Turbo System
94-98 5.9L Cummins
Part # 2029502164
$470.25 Add Pulse Flow
Exhaust Manifold

ATS Aurora 5000 Turbo System
98.5-02 5.9L Cummins
Part # 2029502218
$470.25 Add Pulse Flow
Exhaust Manifold

ATS Aurora 5000 Turbo System
03-07 5.9L Cummins
Part # 2029502272
$470.25 Add Pulse Flow
Exhaust Manifold

ATS Aurora 5000 Turbo System
07.5-09 6.7L Cummins
Part # 2029572326

ATS Aurora 5000 Turbo System
01-04 GM Duramax LB7
Part # 2029504248
$1,135.25 Add Pulse Flow
Exhaust Manifold

ATS Aurora 5000 Turbo System
04.5-05 GM Duramax LLY
Part # 2029504290

ATS Aurora 5000 Turbo System
06-10 GM Duramax LBZ / LMM
Part # 2029504314

  Aurora 3000 Aurora 4000 Aurora 5000 Aurora Compound
Quick Response YES YES NO YES
Sled Pulling NO NO YES YES
Drag Racing NO NO YES YES
The Aurora 5000 is the big dog of all single turbo chargers. This turbo charger is massive in size and provides the airflow to support over 600 Rear Wheel Horse Power. This turbo is never recommended for any towing application or light throttle driving, due to its enormous size it is very slow to respond. Power levels and boost are incredible in applications where the engine has the fuel to support it and this turbo is the perfect choice when you are looking for a single turbo charger that will produce huge power levels for drag racing or sled pulling competition. The Aurora 5000 turbo will also mount to the standard ATS 2 or 3 piece exhaust manifold and is allowed in all competition classes that require a compressor wheel no larger than a 2.8-inch inducer size

The ultimate in big power single turbo charger design. This Aurora 5000 also utilizes an exclusive billet compressor wheel for superior strength. All Aurora turbo chargers have a 3 year 150,000 mile warranty.
  • Maintains low EGT's **ATS strongly Recommendeds the use of new head studs
  • 4-inch down pipe
  • Larger volume of dense/cool air
  • The most advanced compressor wheel
    offering high levels of boost
  • Built for Racing and Sled-pulling
  • Incredible mid-topend power
  • Approx. 48-52 PSI
  • Huge power gains
  • Quick response
NOTE: "Legal in California only for racing vehicles which may never be used upon a highway"
ATS RETURN POLICY: ATS requires a 25% restocking fee on any returned item. This is something at Thoroughbred Diesel we have no control over but ATS enforces everyone to charge a 25% restocking fee on any return and we like to be up front with our customers.
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