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Firestone worlds number 1 air spring

Firestone R4Tech Airide Suspension System

Airide Suspension System
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Fits: Ford | Dodge | GM
Brand: Firestone

  • Improves the Ride: Rides like air suspension, installs like leaf suspension plus a Ride-Rite kit. Air springs and foundation suspension are re-engineered to improve ride across all conditions, especially unloaded. The shocks included in the kit automatically adjust to the load to further optimize ride quality.
  • Handles the Load: Big-rig suspension components, big-rig durability. The vehicle will maintain the same height under all loads.
  • Reduces Driver Fatigue: Air spring suspension reduces cab noise and road vibrations. The harsh and choppy ride of the factory leaf suspension is largely eliminated.
  • Improves Handling: The tuned dampers and air springs, as well as the constant vehicle height, greatly improve the handling characteristics. Drivers will also get less wheel hop during braking and less shudder during acceleration.
  • Reduces Weight: The suspension shaves over 140 pounds off of some 1-ton trucks. This helps at the gas pump.
  • Installs with Ease: Installs in the same space, using the same holes as the OEM leaf suspension.

Big trucks use air suspension for a reason. Airide suspensions ride better than steel spring suspensions, and reduce the wear and tear on your equipment. They protect both the driver and cargo, regardless of the load.

R4Tech is a patented, hybrid air-over-leaf suspension that provides the ride quality of a full-air suspension with the ease of installation of a standard leaf spring and Ride-Rite kit.

The foundation of the R4Tech suspension is designed and manufactured by SANLUIS Rassini, the preeminent supplier of springs to the North American light truck industry. When combined with Firestone Airide air springs and Ride-Rite air accessories, the result is a suspension kit that is unmatched in terms of durability, reliability, and ride quality.

What is R4Tech?

R4Tech is a patented, hybrid, air-over-leaf suspension system. By adding an air spring in conjunction with lower-rated leaf springs, unloaded ride is greatly improved. The air springs’ adjustability keeps the vehicle capable of the same load capacity at GVW. You get the advantages of being Airide equipped without the difficulty or expense of a full air suspension conversion.

Who makes R4Tech?

The R4Tech suspension is designed and manufactured by SANLUIS Rassini, the largest automotive steel spring manufacturer in the world. Rassini relies on Firestone's expertise with air springs and accessories to complete the package.

What does R4Tech do?

The R4Tech allows most of the advantages of a full air suspension to be realized without requiring significant modifications to the vehicle. The suspension fits into the existing leaf spring hangers, and is all bolt-on. With the R4Tech suspension installed, the operator can expect greatly improved ride, improved handling, and the ability to kneel the suspension for easier trailer hookup or loading. It is also about 140 pounds lighter than the original leaf stack on a 1-ton truck, so it will save some money at the gas pump.

How does it work?

Normally, de-rating a leaf stack does not work because fewer leaf springs do not control the axle very well. R4Tech adds the trailing control link under the main leaf stack to control windup, similar to a 4-bar. Additionally, the "J" spring prevents hop and windup under braking. Fewer leaf springs mean less inter-leaf friction, smoother axle motion, and a softer ride. The vehicle load is mainly handled by the air springs.

What is included in the kit?

The kit includes everything you need to complete the installation and make it equipped with Firestone Airide springs as part of the R4Tech suspension. This includes the lower-rated leaf springs, the trailing control link, spring and link mounting brackets, leaf spring perches, air spring and air spring mounting bracket, tuned shock absorbers, air compressor and pressure switch, 3 gallon air tank, mechanical leveling valves with kneel feature, and a pneumatic switch to activate the kneel feature.

R4Tech Airide Suspension System
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Firestone R4Tech Airide Suspension System for Ford
Firestone R4Tech Airide Suspension System for Dodge
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